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  • Support your claim with ISPE!

    Do you want to be sure to receive your efficacy tests’ results within 2017? Ask for a tailor-made quote now, Receive immediately our best offer and We begin your tests immediately after summer holidays! @Contact us now The best prices The fastest results

  • ISPE Publication: “A Sense of Sensory Analysis: Testing for the Non-test Expert”

    Our most recent scientific publication is related to sensory analysis, used to evaluate the sensorial profile of products and their capability to induce visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory and taste perceptions. The cosmetic industry is well-aware of the importance of offering products to consumers with a sensory profile that matches their expectations. Sensory analysis can adequately […]

  • ISPE new publication

    Laboratorios Leti (Spain) exhibited the results of a study performed in collaboration with ISPE at the 45° National Congress of Dermatology and Venereology – Madrid on May 10-13, 2017. This study was about the in-vivo efficacy of a face serum on subjects with erytrosis, couperosis and/or rosacea (type I). The poster shows the positive results […]

  • Focus on the hairstyle

    Hair is an essential part of each person’s look. Hairstyle can tell much about our personality and even which part of our life we are in. When women face a big change in their life, they have the temptation (usually realized) of cutting their hair. A survey made on over a thousand women from five […]

  • ISPE publication: “The Halal Certification”

    Our most recent scientific publication is related to halal certification and the outstanding opportunity to develop cosmetic sales in a market with two billion potential consumers. Cosmetics are fundamental in the Muslim world, above all for women. The body must be cared for with halal (allowed) products, or permitted by Islam. Halal certification attests that […]

  • UVA ‘Super-Protection’

    Most people don’t know that the sun protection factor (SPF) does not give any information about the product characteristics against UVA rays, which have harmful effects and can provoke skin cancer. These rays are not filtered by the ozone layer. For this reason, it is important to protect ourselves through an adequate solar product. Researchers […]


    A good skin hydration is of primary importance for a healthy, soft and smooth skin. It also helps to contrast the onset of ageing signs and to maintain an efficient skin barrier function. ISPE may help you to evaluate the moisturizing efficacy of your cosmetics or ingredients, not only at the level of the superficial […]