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    Make-up products have always been used to improve appearance and self-perception, consequently increasing the self-esteem and affecting positively the relationship with other people. In general, by means of make-up, people tend to veil blemishes and to enhance nice features of their face, according to the aesthetic canon of their age. Make-up products therefore have to […]

  • New claims for solar products

    Modern scientific researches have demonstrated by now how exposure to sun rays causes severe damages to the skin and to our organism, the opposite of what we thought in the Eighties when a strong tan symbolized physical and economic well-being. Scientific researches performed by associations which fight against cancer have also established that sun beds, […]

  • “Second skin” polymer developed by MIT

    Researchers at MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) developed a polymer able to temporarily minimize the ageing signs (wrinkles and eye bags), improve skin hydration and protect from sun exposure. This elastic and transparent material, totally invisible once applied on the skin, is the result of a ten-year work of a team of biomedical engineers. The […]

  • New method to protect the skin

    It is very important to protect our skin from UV rays but it is annoying to apply and re-apply lotions. Furthermore, some skin areas are difficoult to be reached and spread by ourself. This invention of automated sunscreen application could help us. Very soon we could enter a booth on the beach or near the […]

  • New solar protection from fishes

    Here the secret of the future sunscreen products! Some researchers of the Oregon University created the way to produce the Gadusol from yeast in laboratory. The Gadusol is a compound that some animals, Zebrafish for example, produce and that provide protection from UV rays. Click here for the article!  

  • Publication on the properties of an activated olibanum extract from Boswellia serrata

    Skin-damage protective and recovery properties of an activated olibanum extract (from Boswellia serrata) on mechanical and physical skin damage: a single-blind evaluation on healthy volunteers. Our last scientific publication concerns a study in which ISPE investigated the efficacy of an emulsion containing olibanum extract Bosexil®, (Boswellia Phytosome®) in the prevention of UV damage in healthy […]