• ISPE Publication: “A Sense of Sensory Analysis: Testing for the Non-test Expert”

    Our most recent scientific publication is related to sensory analysis, used to evaluate the sensorial profile of products and their capability to induce visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory and taste perceptions. The cosmetic industry is well-aware of the importance of offering products to consumers with a sensory profile that matches their expectations. Sensory analysis can adequately […]


    Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin is overproduced and accumulated in some skin areas resulting in unaesthetic dark spots of several shape and size. Sun exposure is the number one cause of hyperpigmentation, as it’s sunlight that triggers the production of melanin in the first place. For this reason, the hyperpigmentation appears mainly on body parts that […]

  • ISPE new publication

    Laboratorios Leti (Spain) exhibited the results of a study performed in collaboration with ISPE at the 45° National Congress of Dermatology and Venereology – Madrid on May 10-13, 2017. This study was about the in-vivo efficacy of a face serum on subjects with erytrosis, couperosis and/or rosacea (type I). The poster shows the positive results […]

  • Focus on the hairstyle

    Hair is an essential part of each person’s look. Hairstyle can tell much about our personality and even which part of our life we are in. When women face a big change in their life, they have the temptation (usually realized) of cutting their hair. A survey made on over a thousand women from five […]

  • ISPE publication: “The Halal Certification”

    Our most recent scientific publication is related to halal certification and the outstanding opportunity to develop cosmetic sales in a market with two billion potential consumers. Cosmetics are fundamental in the Muslim world, above all for women. The body must be cared for with halal (allowed) products, or permitted by Islam. Halal certification attests that […]

  • UVA ‘Super-Protection’

    Most people don’t know that the sun protection factor (SPF) does not give any information about the product characteristics against UVA rays, which have harmful effects and can provoke skin cancer. These rays are not filtered by the ozone layer. For this reason, it is important to protect ourselves through an adequate solar product. Researchers […]


    A good skin hydration is of primary importance for a healthy, soft and smooth skin. It also helps to contrast the onset of ageing signs and to maintain an efficient skin barrier function. ISPE may help you to evaluate the moisturizing efficacy of your cosmetics or ingredients, not only at the level of the superficial […]


    Make-up products have always been used to improve appearance and self-perception, consequently increasing the self-esteem and affecting positively the relationship with other people. In general, by means of make-up, people tend to veil blemishes and to enhance nice features of their face, according to the aesthetic canon of their age. Make-up products therefore have to […]

  • New claims for solar products

    Modern scientific researches have demonstrated by now how exposure to sun rays causes severe damages to the skin and to our organism, the opposite of what we thought in the Eighties when a strong tan symbolized physical and economic well-being. Scientific researches performed by associations which fight against cancer have also established that sun beds, […]

  • “Second skin” polymer developed by MIT

    Researchers at MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) developed a polymer able to temporarily minimize the ageing signs (wrinkles and eye bags), improve skin hydration and protect from sun exposure. This elastic and transparent material, totally invisible once applied on the skin, is the result of a ten-year work of a team of biomedical engineers. The […]

  • Hand Immersion test

    Test your dishwashing detergent! At home, every day we utilize detergents without caring how much they might influence our skin health. ISPE has designed a test in order to evaluate the safety of dishwashing detergents, potentially aggressive and skin irritant products because of their surfactant contents. Yet these components are important for an effective degreasing […]