Hand Immersion test

Test your dishwashing detergent!

At home, every day we utilize detergents without caring how much they might influence our skin health.
ISPE has designed a test in order to evaluate the safety of dishwashing detergents, potentially aggressive and skin irritant products because of their surfactant contents.
Yet these components are important for an effective degreasing action. For this reason, producers look for more and more delicate surfactants while striving to maintain their cleaning action. Our “Hand Immersion Test” is performed in our laboratory under controlled conditions that simulate the daily dishwashing. The test implies repeated hand immersions in a water and detergent solution.
At the beginning and at the end of the test, clinical and instrumental measures are taken in order to assess the cutaneous integrity as index of the product aggressiveness. Then, with positive results, the producers can be confident to launch a safe product, respectful of consumer skin health.
Test your detergents with ISPE!

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