ISPE Publication: “A Sense of Sensory Analysis: Testing for the Non-test Expert”

Our most recent scientific publication is related to sensory analysis, used to evaluate the sensorial profile of products and their capability to induce visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory and taste perceptions. The cosmetic industry is well-aware of the importance of offering products to consumers with a sensory profile that matches their expectations. Sensory analysis can adequately support advertising claims related to feel, appearance and perceived efficacy.
Sensorial analysis distinctly uses man as the measurement instrument; or rather, the senses of a panel of specifically trained evaluators. These persons are expressly taught to objectively recognize, identify and quantify the perceived sensations.
Several sensorial methods can be applied for hair products; those methods can be carried out on tresses made of human hair or by applying products directly onto the head of volunteers. A third type of sensory evaluation for hair products is the so-called salon test, which enables the evaluation of sensorial characteristics and performance through the judgement of an expert evaluator: the hairdresser.
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