A good skin hydration is of primary importance for a healthy, soft and smooth skin. It also helps to contrast the onset of ageing signs and to maintain an efficient skin barrier function. ISPE may help you to evaluate the moisturizing efficacy of your cosmetics or ingredients, not only at the level of the superficial corny layer, but deeply in the epidermis. The measurement is based on the determination of the dielectric constant, proportional to the water content of the tissue. The skin’s deep hydration values are expressed as percentage of water in the epidermis.
Further high-quality tests in order to sustain your claims on face care product are: brightening, smoothing, firming, elasticizing, nourishing efficacy. Just some of the evaluations, performed with the most advanced methods and instruments, that ISPE offers.

To learn more about efficacy tests on face care products performed by ISPE, click here.

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