Make-up products have always been used to improve appearance and self-perception, consequently increasing the self-esteem and affecting positively the relationship with other people.
In general, by means of make-up, people tend to veil blemishes and to enhance nice features of their face, according to the aesthetic canon of their age. Make-up products therefore have to fit in the different needs of consumers and their skin type.
There are mattifying products that tend to remove shiny skin appearance (typical of combination or oily skin) and products that instead tend to enhance skin gloss, like lipgloss. Indeed, the make-up range is wide: there are also lipsticks, kajal, mascaras, eyeliners, blushers and so on.

ISPE can help you support the claims “mattifying effect” and “gloss effect” of your make-up products by means of instrumental evaluation of skin gloss. The skin gloss measurement, based on light reflection principle, is free from the influence of skin colour, so allowing an objective analysis of the considered parameter. The measurements can be performed also directly on lips.

Further high-quality tests in order to sustain your claims on make-up and face products are: long lasting, water resistant, no-transfer, lengthening curling volumizing eyelashes, plumping effects on lips, skin radiance, solar protection… Just some of the evaluations, performed with the most advanced methods and instruments, that ISPE offers.
To learn more about efficacy tests on make-up products performed by ISPE, click here

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