“Second skin” polymer developed by MIT

Researchers at MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) developed a polymer able to temporarily minimize the ageing signs (wrinkles and eye bags), improve skin hydration and protect from sun exposure.
This elastic and transparent material, totally invisible once applied on the skin, is the result of a ten-year work of a team of biomedical engineers. The silicone-based polymer (called XPL), mimics the properties of a youthful and healthy skin and it is already been tested on human subjects.
XPL can be applied on face and body and its effects last 24 hours. Scientists also proved the effectiveness of the new material in preventing the water loss in dry skin. The effectiveness resulted to be superior to petrolatum after 24 hours.
Because of its several properties, the polymer XPL will probably find applications also in pharmacology as well as in cosmetics.

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