Consumer-In ISPE: live with consumers

A new service, the Consumer-In ISPE: an opportunity for direct contact with consumers, in our offices, created to answer basic questions concerning users by consumer oriented companies.

For a better appreciation of features of this service, please look up the video record, with some extracts of a recent session:

  • Preliminary investigation of habits, experiences, wishes and needs of consumers

    Collection of clues and ideas for the development and improvement of formulas, products and/or marketing mix

Consumer-In ISPE, a key instrument of competitive innovation 

The service – qualitative sessions with consumers – is based on a simple but powerful assumption.

In the process of development and fine tuning of a product or a concept, contacts and ideas exchange with consumers represent a precious asset of knowledge and an unmatchable impulse towards competitive innovation.

Created for promoting and feeding generation and set-up of ideas, the tool Consumer-In ISPE, carried out in specially equipped rooms, can be profitably used – especially by Marketing and R&D – for the:

  • creation or refinement of a product concept or its marketing mix

    Development or perfecting of a formula

Client benefits are substantial:

  • getting new clues and ideas live from consumers;

  • achieving this result at lower costs than traditional consumer research tools, which can if necessary be used at later stages;

  • to hold exploratory or in depth sessions in a neutral site that does not influence participants and is equipped for possible product trials.


How Consumer-In takes place

On the basis of objectives set by Client, ISPE organizes the running plan, selects the groups (minimum 2) of consumers and manages the meetings that are held at its premises, with the possible participation of one or two members of the customer’s staff.
Then ISPE delivers the audio-video record of the sessions, lasting about 1h.30′, to the Client.

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