Face Care

Our Efficacy Research Laboratory has developed a full range of updated efficacy tests intended to substantiate, also with digital images, new product claims that the endless cosmetic innovation offers to consumers, from anti-age to anti hyper-chromic spots or anti-acne, from eyelashes extension, curling and volume effect to long lasting, no transfer, water resistance.

Face Care Test and Claim




Skin irritation potential evaluation through 48-hour Patch Test:
- occlusive
- open
- fabric products
Dermatologically tested
Hypoallergenicity forecast test thorough 72-hours patch test:
- occlusive
- open
- fabric products
Hypoallergenic. Without common allergens. Dermatologically tested
ComedogenicityNon comedogenic
Repeated Wash TestRespects the skin barrier. Mild. For sensitive skin. Frequent use
Tolerability under medical supervision (Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist)Dermatologically tested. Ophthalmologically tested. Good skin tolerability/compatibility. Non irritant
Fotopatch TestDoes not induce photoirritation
Patch Test
Does not induce sensitization. Hypoallergenic. Without common allergens. Dermatologically tested
Repeated application testDermatologically tested
Het-Cam TestWell tolerated by mucous membranes




For dry skin
Skin's deep hydrationMoisturizing. Deep moisturizing. For dry skin
pH-metryRespects physiological pH.
Neutral, mild
Stronger moisture barrier.
For sensitive and atopic skin
ColorimetryReduces dark spots, eye circles, couperose signs.
No transfer. Lightening.
Improves skin radiance.
More even skin tone. Tanning
Laser doppler flowmetryImproves skin blood micro-flow
Optical profile analisys with skin replicasSmoothing.
Reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines.
Reduces the appearance of stretch mark.
3D optical profile analysis with Primos Smoothing.
Reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines.
Reduces the appearance of stretch mark
Volume analysis with PrimosPlumping effect on lips. Reduces puffs and scars
Eyelashes lengthening, volumising, curling
after repeated application
+x% eyelashes length. +x% eyelashes volume.
+x% eyelashes curl.
WR evaluation of make-upWater resistant and very water resistant
Long lasting evaluation of make-upLong lasting xx hours
No-transfer evaluation of make-upNo-trasfer
Glossy effectGlossy skin
Mattifying effectMattifying. Mat effect.
Lightening efficacy (skin and spots) Reduces dark spots. Improves skin radiance.
More even skin tone. Brightening
Cell renewal Increases skin cell turnover.
Efficacy of products for acneic skinAdjuvant in the treatment of acne
Anti pollution effectProtects from air pollution
Sweat-resistance of a colored productSweat-resistant

Sensory Evaluation



Qualitative or Quantitative Sensory Analysis performed by panel of expert assessors

  • Identification of the main sensory performances

  • Sensory profile

  • Monitoring of competitors' products

  • Comparative tests over specific features or sensory performances

  • Analysis of the differences perception

  • Evaluation of the sensation intensity

  • Substantiation of marketing's expectations

  • Development of new formulas

  • Assessment of shelf-life and PAO

  • Homogeneity among different batches

  • Stability analysis

  • Analysis of correlation between sensory perceptions and instrumental evaluations

Subjective evaluation of consumers

  • Evaluation of the efficacy pleasantness, performances and intention of purchase

  • Comparative studies about competitors'products

In vitro



Evaluation of the enzymatic activity (collagenase, elastase and hyaluronidase enzyme)
Evaluation of the DNA protectionProtect DNA.
Evaluation of the antioxidant activityAntioxidant.
Evaluation of the detox efficacy on human fibroblastsDetox.
Citotoxicity ealution (NRU or MTT test)
Evaluation of the skin irritation on a 3D modelNot irritant.
Phototoxicity evaluationNot phototoxic.
Evaluation of the pro-sensitization effectNot sensitizing.
Anti-pollution evaluationAnti-pollution.
Anti-pollution evaluation of cleansing wipes (previously used in vivo)Anti-pollution.