Halal Certification

Halal Certification

ISPE is pleased to announce an outstanding opportunity to develop your sales in a fast developing market with two billion potential consumers:


Halal certification for your cosmetics and/or ingredients


Cosmetics are of great importance in the Muslim world: their use is fundamental, mainly for women.


God left the body in the person’s care, so it must be preserved and cared for with the use of the right products, like Halal (halal means allowed in Arabian).

In the cosmetic manufacturing process, as well as in any other product including for non-cosmetic use, it is fundamental to check that products do not have any ingredients which are not allowed by the Islamic Sharia and that there are no risks of contamination with other forbidden substances.

It is required that a product be identified by the Halal logo clearly visible, in order to avoid confusion with other articles during the entire packaging-shipping process.
Nowadays, Halal certified products – far from being considered only ethnic – stand up in the market as healthy, safe, appreciated by Islamic and not-Islamic consumers, in light of the complexity and reliability of controls in the certification process. Certification is an unavoidable customs requirement for some Muslim countries (Indonesia, Malaysia…).
Interest from the largest distribution chains confirms that sales are spreading in the domestic European markets as well, as a result of efforts to keep up with the demand generated by the rising number of halal consumers, with an annual growth rate of 10 – 15%.

Thanks to its long experience in formulations, safety and efficacy evaluations, and monitoring of manufacturing processes, ISPE has been awarded the certification as Authorized Institute for assisting companies in the Halal certification procedure.

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