• ISPE at Making Cosmetics

    ISPE takes part to the 2021 edition of “Making Cosmetics”, one of the most important exhibition in the world of cosmetic industry, that will be held in presence on November 25 – 26 in Milan. Exhibitors coming from all over the world,  ingredients manufacturers, formulators, cosmetologists will make the event a fantastic opportunity for boosting the […]

  • LabAnalysis, ISPE and Rigano Laboratories S.r.l. together for new goals.

    LabAnalysis takes a further step in its growth path both internal and through acquisitions, as stated in the medium-term strategic plan. The company, successfully operating for over 40 years in the fields of chemical-physical analysis, testing and consulting in various business as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, environmental, is today one of the leaders in these sectors […]


    Synopsis Formulating ‘sensorial’ cosmetics The task of formulation is to select ingredients and combine them in precise ratios in order to obtain a functional complex. During use, besides pleasantness, there is an interplay of many variables. First of all, the tactile ones, bound to actions of compression, flow and product deformation: firmness, greasy or oily […]


    Milan will host 25th IFSCC CONFERENCE from September 30th to October 2nd 2019 at MiCo. A worldwide event that will involve the entire chemical-cosmetic scientific sector and during which several topics on safety, efficacy, sustainability and ethics will be discussed. ISPE, leader among cosmetic test companies, will participate in this great event and will be […]


    Cellulite, that gives the skin the characteristic “orange peel” look, is one of the more common aesthetic imperfections among women. It is renown that cellulite is correlated to alterations of microcirculation; they can be evidenced by variations of skin temperature. The experimental protocol drafted by ISPE for the evaluation of the efficacy of your anti-cellulite product […]

  • ISPE’s Seal, evidence of your quality!

    QUALITY FIRST! ISPE has always aimed at high quality, reliable evaluations. We guarantee state-of-the-art services, updated with the changing needs of the cosmetic market and supported by the best existing technologies. The ISPE team ISPE, made up of skilled engineers, is available at all times in order to offer tailor-made consultancy for development of specific […]

  • New ISPE publication: Quantitative Analysis through Phototrichogram Technique of an Italian Population suffering from Androgenic Alopecia

    In this study, the values of some hair basal parameters, collected during several clinical studies involving a total of 254 subjects with androgenic alopecia were analyzed. Subjects’ values were grouped by age and gender, and the differences between groups were examined. The density values and the percentages of anagen and telogen hair were considered. Furthermore, […]

  • Atopic skin?

    More and more people are suffering from allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis or asthma. Many adults went through dermatitis in early childhood. People often have very dry face or body skin (xerosis). People frequently show also intolerance to textiles (e.g. wool). Those who have some or all these characteristics could have atopic skin and, as a consequence, […]

  • New ISPE test: in vitro evaluation of anti pollution efficacy

    The epidermis provides a barrier not only to numerous pathogens, but also to environmental damages caused by air pollution. Several substances of proven toxicity such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are known air pollutants. The most studied of these substances is benzo[a]pyrene. This pollutant is easily absorbed and is rapidly distributed to the tissues, where it […]


    IN-VITRO SUN PROTECTION FACTOR EVALUATION AND MEASUREMENT OF UVA:UVB RATIO (DIFFEY AND ROBSON METHOD + THE BOOTS STAR RATING SYSTEM 2011 Revision) The method provides: – mean absorbance spectrum and mean SPF value; – mean UVA and UVB transmittance; – UVA/UVB ratios pre- and post-exposure; – Star Category according to The Boots Star Rating System; […]


    Visit us at Cosmetorium, October 3-4 2017, stand 96. Cosmetorium is taking place at Barcelona Palau de Congressos (Congress Centre) located inside the Montjuïc exhibition centre. To learn more click here


    Researchers at Binghamton University of New York developed an innovative coating made out of DNA, thin and transparent, to apply on the skin. What’s the aim? This coating makes the skin hydrated and protected from the damaging UV rays, as reported on the Scientific Reports. These coatings provide a shield for the skin and their […]