Oral Care

Tests are performed under dentist or dermatologist control. The most common are: whitening and desensitization effect, gum state and oral cavity health, bacterial count. Consumer preferences can also be evaluated.

Oral Care Test and Claim


Patch test, Hypoallergenycity forecast test, Tolerability in use, Repeated Insult Patch Test.

All tests under dermatological or dentist control.

Het cam (provides indication about irritation potential).


Whitening and desensitization effect.
Gum state and oral cavity health.
Bacterial count of oral cavity.
Digital images.

All tests under dentist control.

Sensory Evaluation

Sensory analysis, by panel of expert assessors.
Sensory profile.
Analysis of perceived quality.
Shelf-life determination.
Support to sensory marketing.
Consumer test: evaluation of efficacy, pleasantness, acceptability and preferences.