Sensory Analysis

Sensory Analysis

ISPE Sensory Analyses measure consumer satisfaction
before your product launch.

Are you aware of the sensorial characteristics of your product?
Texture, thickness, absorption, fragrance, skin feel, combability, packaging…

Our laboratory has over 25 years of international experience in the Sensory Evaluation of critical attributes for a successful cosmetic. We can predict consumer appreciation of your product, with clear effective and fast reports. You can launch the product already foreseeing what the consumer reaction will be at the first application and, consequently, the probability of repurchase and thus the gain of a long-term consumer.

Sensory Analysis also offers many other opportunities:


  • It helps to set up a common language between Marketing, R&D and Quality Control, by establishing effective communication among departments, more precise research briefs and fair parameters of results evaluation.

    It is a useful tool for comparison of new, current and competitors formulas.

    It is a fundamental support for claims that cannot be sustained by instrumental measurements.

    It allows better conducting of consumer researches, with questions focused on a closer investigation of sensorial profiles of your product.

    It is an effective means for educating and training of the sales forces, both yours and the distributors’ (sales agents, pharmacists, hairdressers…).

Sensory Analysis is a scientific method used to measure, analyze and interpret the body’s response to products as perceived through the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing).

It requires a group of people (panel) trained to detect, quantify and describe sensorial perceptions in a quantitative and precise way, much like an analytical instrument. Sensory Analysis indeed has the characteristics of scientific measurements (reproducibility, repeatability, statistical significance and reliability).

There are various sensory techniques.
ISPE Sensory Analysis Department helps you to choose the ones that most fit your needs.
ISPE also holds courses on Sensory Analysis (basic and advanced), aimed at the profitable use of this instrument by involved staffs and at the possible set up of an internal panel of expert evaluators.

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